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Colorado legislators introduced 10 noteworthy bills related to electric vehicles in the 2019 session, passing 5 of them, which have all been signed into law by Governor Polis.

COLORADO ELECTRIC VEHICLE BILLS - 2019 LEGISLATIVE SESSION Colorado legislators introduced 10 noteworthy bills related to electric vehicles in the 2019 session, passing 5 of them, which have all been signed into law by Governor Polis.

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EV Grant Fund House Bill 19-1198: Powers and Duties of the Electric Vehicle Grant Fund


  • Concerning the powers and duties of the electric vehicle grant fund (fund)

  • Allows the fund to be used to administer grants for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

  • Allows the fund to prioritize the grants it will provide based on criteria defined by the Colorado energy office

  • Allows the fund to be used to fully fund the installation of charging stations and offset station operating costs

  • Requires the money in the fund to be continuously appropriated to the Colorado energy office

Bill Text​: ​https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/2019a_1198_signed.pdf

Sponsors: ​A. Valdez/D. Valdez - Bridges/Priola Status​: Signed by all!

EV Public Utility Services Senate Bill 19-077: Public Utility Implementation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Program

Summary Currently, public utilities may provide charging ports or fueling stations for motor vehicles as unregulated services. The bill authorizes public utilities to provide these services as regulated or unregulated services and allows cost recovery.

  • Authorizes a public utility to provide charging stations as a regulated or unregulated service.

  • Requires utilities to file an application for a program to support transportation electrification every 3 years starting in 2020 that may include investments or incentives, rates or programs, and customer outreach and education.

  • Provides guidance to the PUC on utility EV program evaluation Amendments:

  • “Alternative fuel vehicles” to include natural gas?

  • Nat. Gas Public Utility may recover the costs of distribution system investments to accommodate alternative fuel vehicle charging

  • Electric public utility has to file an app every 3 years

  • Add language for low income communities

Bill Text​: ​https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/2019a_077_signed.pdf

Sponsors: ​Priola/Williams - Hansen Status​: Signed by all!

EV Charging Parking (“The Icing Bill”) House Bill 19-1298: Electric Motor Vehicle Charging Station Parking

Summary Concerning the use of electric motor vehicle charging stations for parking a motor vehicle.

  • Authorizes the owner of a plug-in EV charging station to install a sign that identifies the station

  • If the sign is installed, a person is prohibited from parking in the space if the vehicle is not an EV and using the charging station for parking if the EV is not charging

  • Penalty for a violation is a $150 fine and a $32 surcharge

Bill Text​: ​https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/2019a_1298_signed.pdf

Sponsors: ​Melton - Priola Status​: Signed by all!

Tax Credit Extension House Bill 19-1159: Modifications to the Income Tax Credits for Innovative Motor Vehicles


  • Modifies amounts and extends the number of years of existing income tax credits for the purchase or lease of an EV, a plug-in hybrid, and an original equipment manufacturer electric truck and plug-in hybrid electric truck.

  • Previous law phased out the tax credit at the end of 2021 - this bill extends it through the end of 2025.

  • Allows ride-sharing companies to claim the full tax credit if vehicles are provided to drivers under a short-term rental program.

Bill Text​: ​https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/2019a_1159_signed.pdf

Sponsors: ​Jaquez Lewis - Gray/Danielson Status​: Signed by all!

Address Impacts Of Transportation Changes Senate Bill 19-239: Addressing Impacts of Changes Related to Commercial Vehicles

Summary Concerning the means of addressing the impacts of technological and business model changes related to commercial vehicles, and, in connection therewith, requiring the department of transportation to convene and consult with a stakeholder group to examine impacts of new transportation technologies and business models, identify means of addressing impacts, and report findings and make recommendations to the general assembly.

  • Requires Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to convene a group of stakeholders affected by the adoption of new and emerging transportation technologies and business models to develop policy recommendations to address resulting impacts.

  • CDOT will then undertake a rule-making as needed to effectively implement these recommendations.

  • Any fees adopted must incentivize multi-passenger trips and use of EVs, and revenues will go to multimodal transportation and EV infrastructure.

Bill Text​: ​https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/2019a_239_signed.pdf

Sponsors: ​Winter/Bridges - Gray/Hansen Status​: Signed by all!

(Download the PDF)

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